Video of Cricket with his goat buddy Jimmy

Check out this great video of these two best friends.

Videos are from when this was Rough Start Horse Rescue


The rescue took adoptable horses to local fairs to be seen.

If folks do not come to the horses, the horses need to go out in public to be shown and handled by volunteers until adopted.


The horse rescue also rescued a lot of other animals besides just horses, hence the name change in 2020!

This truckload of donkeys came up from Texas.


Part of taking horses off the farm is educating people

Next time you are at a local fair, see if the rescue is there!


When horse folks have some time off, what do we do? Ride horses of course.

That was a fun holiday!

Video from news reports on abandoned herd

Check out this great video from when this rescue was Rough Start Horse Rescue.

Video from 2016 and test driving a new horse

Check out this great video

Video of horses right at adoption and after rehab

Check out this great video put together by a volunteer!  Many of the horses shown were already adopted.  Thanks.

Rough Start Horse Rescue, 2009 to 20019

We could not show all volunteers or events but here are some fun ones from the last few years.